Hi! I’m looking for friendship and support

Good to know there are different options.. one size does not fit all, especially when it’s deep emotional and personal things involved. Thanks for the encouragement :relieved:

Ooooof…. Sorry … lol. :rofl:

Hello Buttercup!!!! Welcome back sorry to hear about your slip. But it’s OK you’re back anyway. Remember the only requirement for being in this family is that you have a desire to quit drinking. We are all here for the same reasons we need help. Meetings or a great place for support. Meetings also keep you motivated. If you weren’t scared to go to meetings I would be really concerned. But once you get to meetings you’ll find out that they’re great. Because you can bring anything up that’s on your mind and get help with it there. People even go out for coffee afterwards to talk. Good place to get a sponsor is in meetings. Go to meetings and just listen and you might hear your story. Just remember one day at a time and if that’s too much to do it one hour at a time.

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I’m glad you gained a new perspective and lost the nicknames :grin:

Thank you… very encouraging :blush:

You’re right,if we don’t forget our past and chalk it up as our life experience and continue with another lifestyle because something good ends doesn’t mean something better can’t start

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Hey Robin I would love to have a private conversation with you if I don’t sound prate to you,here’s my email.....smithberzky014775@gmail.com

Gm. Sobriety is always a work in progress….. Don’t pick up today and go to a meeting, in person or zoom. When you are ready you’ll raise your hand to share. People there will want to help you if you let them.1 day at a time to now 9 years of sobriety.

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You are welcome. If you ever need to talk for someone just to listen to you look me Up

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TY … Indeed… forcing anything never works… true want and desire for change and health… I think I’m there :blush:

Thank you!… the support here is fantastic

Stay connected on here. Reach out to family as well

Keep coming back

Finding supportive women is hard. Hang in there.

I just got back into the recovery community myself. I’d be happy to help anyway I can! We’re only stronger together

Don’t beat yourself up, it’s just temporary slip and you can do this. Baby steps😀don’t think about the end. Think about the now and be proud of that.

I love zoom meetings!

You really don’t have to worry about who is there; it is alcoholics ANONYMOUS. Early in sobriety, when someone I know was in a meeting, it was the best feeling! Whether on zoom or in person, 90 meetings in 90 days was foundational for me to stay sober. Counting those first 90 with a room full of friendly, understanding support was what I needed to STAY sober. In any event even though I am talking about 90 days, it is all about staying sober one day at a time, and talking to another sober person immediately if you feel like using/drinking. Another important suggestion is to find another sober woman with some sobriety and connect with them! So helpful to speak to someone with sober time. If you like what they have to say perhaps you can ask them to help you by having them as a sponsor.
Finally AA is a spiritual program, NOT a religious program. I knew one person whose higher power was ELVIS! It is about your health and spirit and sobriety. One day at a time you can stay sober. One day at a time I have been sober for 30 years, and if I can do it, anyone can…

We are all here for support.....make this a building block for you.....most of all.....if it wasn't for CHRIST I'd relapse daily....focus on Him and you won't have time for anything else......My integrity is towards CHRIST..... Not myself because AJ will fall AJ Everytime..... Make CHRIST EVERYTHING and you'll have to worry about Nothing!!!!! Amen!!!!!

Hey buttercup I was sober for 27 years and I fell off the wagon took me 3 years to catch it every body else pretty well covered it my best advice is to find lots of sober friends it makes it so much easier also don’t discount men’s advice some of us have lots of life experience I am retired so if you need a ear send the word