Just to see how this works

Just to see how this works


I’m from Lakewood

Thanks and how r u

How r u doing

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Welcome Kimberly! Loosid is an app for the courageous! :joy: jk well maybe :thinking: how many days sober? What’s was your DOC?

Thank u and how r u

Welcome. It’s a good app for sober people

You’re welcome. I’m going through the emotions. Weird was in the shower and started crying. Was thinking of my past life before my addiction caused me to give up everything including my marriage, and my house. The good thing is I know God is planning something blissfully beautiful for me. Patience. A good cry was needed to heal my wounds of my past.

How are you feeling today?

I’m good and u?

Go Kimberly, with you!

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Doing great hru?

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I’m doing great as well

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How r u ?

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Welcome. I’m fairly new (at least in terms of being active) and am finding it pretty helpful now that I’m participating.

Hope you find the same.

I’m good! Just got done teaching yoga :woman_in_lotus_position:t2: Hope you are doing well

What’s recovery like in Lagos, Nigeria? :thinking: