I have 33 days sober and I've been in the

I have 33 days sober and I've been in the hospital 33 days. I believe everything happens for a reason, EVEN THIS. I LIVED!! I've been through some of the worst pain imaginable. The doctors said it will take about a year but some day the only thing I'll have to remember this by are the scars that took over parts of my body. I'll have to relearn but I WILL WALK AGAIN. I tend lose my focus. Work and relationships become more important than working a program. This is a forced time out. This is God giving me another chance and helping me slow to keep focus on what's important, SOBRIETY.

Days in the hospital are long and I'm not discharging until 08/08. You can only watch so much TV. Please feel free to send me a friend request and chat with me to get me through the remaining time.


Hey brother, God Bless! That's a hell of a wreck you definitely had someone on your side that day! I feel for you though when it comes to the days in the hospital, I've spent too much time on hospitals, detoxes, and rehabs, I know its tough because your fighting two battles at the same time right now, but you must be a strong dude as it is just surviving that accident, just keep sight of what's most important which is you and I think you'll be streight bud, hit me up though if you need to talk I know how it is...

WOW, so glad that you are alive. Do you remember any of the wreck?

I remember everything except the life-flight. When they freed me from the vehicle the blood started flowing and I lost too much of it to be awake

Jesse! I’m glad to hear you survived that horrific accident! Thank you for sharing this as this is a great reminder that drinking and driving is very dangerous. You have the right mentality, Sobriety is number one. Keep God near. Your purpose is now a reality. Help others stay sober by sharing your experience, strength, hope

And hope. Thank you :pray: my prayers are with you for a full recovery.

Wow, God certainly has a plan for you. I'm day 35 and I work at a sub acute rehab hospital. I would be happy to chat with you here. Keep looking to God for strength and do the work. You were brought through that accident for a purpose.