How do you direct message people? Do they have to

How do you direct message people? Do they have to be your friends? In that case, I need as my many friends I can get and people that need someone to talk to too

I don't see a spot for messages

What happened to your leg?

I had to have a skin graft. I had a HUGE chunk of my leg below get torn off in a car wreck. That's where they took the skin from

And how's it going? Are you new to sobriety?

I've been trying at this thing for SEVERAL years. I make it four or five months then drink. Then I make it four or five months and drink. RINSE AND REPEAT. I got to make it this time.

I got in a car wreck that almost killed me. That's where they took skin for a skin graft

You're in good company. The problem with us drinkers trying to stay sober in the beginning is we Keep On Believing the lie that this time everything is going to be okay. It took me many years to understand that. You are going to feel Cravings again for sure. You need to prepare yourself for when they happen.

Life in sobriety sucks in the beginning. When the Cravings come you're going to have to learn how to walk through the pain. You can alleviate some of the Pain by mixing yourself some orange juice and honey. I highly recommend that you get some phone numbers from people in the AA program and start using them. Also, when you get that craving you need to play the scene all the way through. If you pick up a drink you know what's going to happen. Then you're going to have to start all over again and the vicious cycle continues.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

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I've been sober for a long time and have a lifetime of experience with alcoholism. I can tell you that things do get better if you stay focused and don't pick up the first drink. That's a promise


Here's a great app for finding meetings. It's in Apple Store too.

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Looking at that app I just send to you there are tons of meetings in Casper Wyoming if that's where you live.

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I'm in a hospital in Casper. As soon as I'm healthy enough to fly I'll be going back to Florida

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Okay Jessie well I'm sure there are plenty of meetings wherever you go. You can do this thing. If you want the results you've never had, you're going to have to start doing things you've never done.

1 Like lots of zoom meetings as well. Since you’re not mobile, these are great as well. I wish you a speedy recovery.

I got sober in Stuart Florida.a lot of a a down there .all over .go to meetings and meet people.90&90.ask for help!!!!!!

Jesse you got people to talk to all over the place just have to figure out how I don’t know how to direct message people either but I am trying to figure it out I know you are in a lot of pain skin grafts are a bitch I had them in 1976 on both legs hang in there it will get better

Stop counting. Anticipating 4-5 months then thinking you’re gonna drink is making you drink.

I’m sorry to hear and hope you heal well!