Does anyone else struggle with this?

does anyone else struggle with this? my brain likes to say things to me like “don’t worry you’ll drink again soon. you’re not done” or “when ______ happens, you can drink again” - insert things like, go on vacation, get fully healthy again, hang with so and so, etc. i hear the voice veryyyy slightly, almost as if in passing so i don’t notice…but i notice!

just wondered if it’s only me or if this is a common thought process that happens with other non-drinkers.

thanks for reading. wishing you a joyful day! :v:

Yes, sometimes a few times a day. I just hit 5 weeks and I think those thoughts too BUT my blood pressure was very high, I was starting to feel bloated and out of shape, my marriage was in trouble, my husband was just diagnosed with prostate cancer and he needed me at my best not wondering if I was going to get drunk and mistreat him or embarrass him and then there is my beautiful, precious granddaughter who I want to have a sober future with so I write these things down and then I say fuck you alcohol, my truest life is happening and I'm going to fight for my sobriety.

thank you Yvonne. tonight was extremely challenging for me, but i made it one more day without alcohol. for the next week i feel safe. tonight was my worry. i felt a craving coming in and it hit me full force. i had to stop everything i was doing to settle my system down. you have wonderful reasons to keep going. i’m going to revisit mine. i think tonight i relied upon sheer willpower. i need more than that i’ve come to realize. thank you again and congratulations on 5 months. imagine what we all could do with 2 years! :pray::v: