Day one. The battle is already beginning. I am 60

Day one. The battle is already beginning. I am 60 years old today. I made the decision I would not spend another day drinking red wine. So my mines is telling me it’s OK to drink wine today, it’s my birthday! Hold off on start tomorrow! Every day there is another excuse. Pray for me please that I stay strong.


Hi. I am 59 and sober 9 1/2 years. Alcohol is a two part disease: A mental obsession and a physical addiction . Your mind will continually tell you that it is OK to take a drink. It will make excuses as to why you can or should. This is a serious disease that has to be treated as such. If not, the results won’t be good. Today, don’t pick up,speak with someone, go to a meeting, read or do an activity to take your mind off it. You’ll be ok and happy b-day!

Well I will be 65 next month ( ops forgot to tell you happy birthday) I was sober for 27 years and fell of the wagon and I ran to catch up and finally did I am tell you this because sobriety is not easy but its gets better ARS advice was spot on about stay busy and you need sober friends

Prayers sent for strength