Damn…my first Friday was hard

Damn…my first Friday was hard. Wifey came home with wine. Immediately I started thinking about bourbon. Started walking to the liquor store then reminded myself of what this morning would feel like, and quickly turned around. Addiction is a tricky beast. At least for the first few weeks/months like Costanza and do the exact opposite of whatever it is you are thinking about doing and you should be all good!

Now, today, I get to enjoy this bad boy with my son as opposed to hiding inside in bed from the sun.


Woohoo! You turned around!! That's one of the most difficult first steps to make but you did it!


Love the “Costanza Method” reference and congrats on the stellar recovery thinking (and action). :raised_hands::100::+1:

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Glad you turned around.

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I'm glad you turned it around and are creating memories with your son.

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way to go man! you bought yourself a day of freedom and love with your family :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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